Port Hawkesbury and Mulgrave to meet new MP

PORT HAWKESBURY: Two local municipal councils are both looking forward to having a sit down meeting with Cape Breton-Canso’s new Member of Parliament, Mike Kelloway, to discuss their concerns and priorities.

Following the Town of Port Hawkesbury’s regular monthly council meeting on November 4, Mayor Brenda Chisholm-Beaton told reporters Kelloway has personally reached out to schedule a time to meet with town council.

“It’s not necessarily a meeting to talk about what’s wrong, but really a meeting to talk about what the opportunities are,” she said. “What are some of the opportunities and some of the go-forwards that our town would like to see developed into the future.”

Chisholm-Beaton indicated Kelloway is a very positive person and the town certainly is looking forward to having their initial meeting and working alongside their new federal representative.

“Certainly top of mind, how are we creating economic opportunities for the Strait region, I think top of mind for most citizens is job creation and population retention and attraction,” she said. “We all really want to see our community grow and thrive and flourish and all of our communities in the Strait region as well, what can potential job creation look like?”

Whether it’s with green-technology, green-energy, port development, or the gateway strategy Chisholm-Beaton has been readily talking about, she said it would be great to have their MP assist their region with moving projects forward and creating some momentum.

Mulgrave’s mayor, Ralph Hadley suggested the town already has a wish list of items to be addressed by federal officials but indicated their intentions for the first meeting with Kelloway is more about meeting him as a person.

Hadley wants their MP to understand the unique challenges Mulgrave faces and wants him in their corner on those particular issues.

“We just want to see what he’s all about, and what we can tap into on some programs, some grants, or anything that’s coming out,” he said. “I want him to be aware who we are and what some of our problems are.”