Premier avoiding the real issues

I really appreciated the column by Gina MacDonald in the November 23 edition of The Reporter regarding the Premier’s avoidance of the real issues involved in any contract discussions with the teacher’s union.

Gina’s opinions on where government has wasted or is wasting taxpayer’s money regarding the Bluenose II and Yarmouth Ferry, as well as MLA benefits, echo opinions as expressed in my recent letters to provincial media.
The government will always find funding for the items they believe have priority, and in most cases, those priorities are carefully aligned with how to be re-elected.

There are clear examples where highway twinning will reduce accidents, save lives and reduce injuries yet the department responsible continues to have a fixation about 100 series highway interchanges (Hubbards, New Minas) and roundabouts (Pictou) which in my opinion are more a priority to satisfy local interest than reduce accidents or save lives.

Funds can be made available to satisfy the real education needs of Nova Scotia’s youth but the Premier has to refocus and set priorities that are less self-serving but meet a genuine need.

Rod Desborough