One of my first reactions to stupidity is laughter.

People hear me laugh at ridiculously inappropriate things. For instance, I laughed myself silly after reading some of Trump’s tweets regarding the recent high school shooting in Florida. (As a bit of a tangent, the fact I have to mention which shooting I was referring to is ridiculous. There shouldn’t be this many school shootings, or any shootings of any bloody kind because that’s not what is supposed to happen in a civilized society. Good lord.)

Look, I have no answers for the gun control question. People far smarter than I have debated this issue for decades and nothing ever happens because people who make and sell guns have lots of money to pay politicians to look out for their interests while the people in favour of gun control are regarded as naive, cowardly, unrealistic, or un-American… whatever that means.

I’m quite happy with the fact I have never seen a gun in real life aside from the ones police officers carry or rifles in hunting sections. I’m pretty sure I’d wet myself if someone pulled a gun out in real life. I make absolutely no bones about that fact. Guns freak me out. I don’t understand why people need them and I really don’t understand how they think they are helpful to society.

The only argument in favour of non-hunting related gun ownership that makes sense to me is wanting one for protection. While I think a volatile and deadly weapon in an untrained person’s hands is beyond stupid, I can see people wanting to make sure they have every line of defense imaginable. I get it. With that said though, I still don’t get why gun control is such a dirty term.

Yes, you the grown adult without a criminal record and a clean bill of mental health, by all means, you can own all the guns you want. A bazooka? Sure. You can have a legion of tanks for all I care. It’s the people with criminal records, obvious mental issues, or ages that don’t exceed their belt size that scare me when it comes to gun ownership.

I can’t buy marijuana, a drug being prescribed to people in this country, but a kid in Florida is allowed to buy an AR15? How does anyone look at the preamble to that situation and not think “wow, we might want to revisit this?”

Should everyone be punished for the problems caused by the few? No, and that’s a ridiculous argument. Also, please, enough with trying to factor in the influence of violent video games, music, and TV. If that argument made a lick of sense, there would be way more shootings. Everybody listens to music. Canadian kids are consuming the same media as the American kids and the shooting stats are miles apart.

Which I suppose means it’s a difference in the two cultures and as to how you change that “must own every gun” culture… I have no idea. It’s just sad that all of these deaths are simply being ignored by anyone capable of making real change.

I’m done now.