Provincial funding helps trails

GUYSBOROUGH: Local trailblazers recently got some help from the province.

On December 22, Guysborough-Eastern Shore-Tracadie MLA Lloyd Hines announced $50,000 in funding for the Guysborough County Trails Association. Hines said the funding was part of the government’s commitment of $1 million for the expansion of trial access across the province.

“We have got a wonderful group of trail-focused volunteers across the province who are working hard and doing amazing things,” said Hines. “Certainly, the Guysborough County Trails Association is in that group and they just completed a major bridge. It’s quite amazing when you see a group of volunteers who are just doing this without any pay, without any recompense to improve connectivity.

“They’re doing great work and the government wants to support them,” he noted.

Phillip Hochman, chair of Guysborough County Trails, said the group applied to rebuild over nine kilometres of the Trans Canada Trail, starting at the church near Salmon River Lake, heading east towards Guysborough. They also pledged to rebuild a wooden bridge near what is locally known as the “Hippy Camp” in the same area and that work is already completed.

“Probably in May or June, when the ground gets dray again, we’ll then go back in and do the work that the grant was intended to,” he said. “We have 56 kilometres of trail built, and to have a portion that’s in the middle of it not up to folk’s standards, wasn’t great. Over the last few years, we’ve been rebuilding the whole thing and now the trail is at a super high standard so that means it’s going to be more accessible.”

He said the trials give residents the chance to be more active and live a healthier lifestyle. Hochman said a solid trail system also entices tourists to the area.