Could someone please put an end to the wild and erratic behaviour that the Liberals continue to show towards Nova Scotia’s forest industry?

The forest industry is an enormous part of Nova Scotia’s economy, and we are on the brink of losing it; wood supply will dry up after road closures, sawmills are barely holding on and will close, landowners don’t want their wood cut because its value has dramatically been reduced since December 20, and contractors are leaving pulp wood on the ground and along roadsides because it’s worthless.

The Liberals knew they were going to shut Northern Pulp down. It’s obvious they don’t want Northern Pulp in Nova Scotia. How else can somebody explain having seven studies increased to 68 studies? That’s an over 900 per cent increase in studies on an already unrealistic deadline. How is this even allowed?

They’ve showed no interest in wanting to keep Northern Pulp open so Nova Scotia could continue having a strong forest industry, keeping thousands of jobs while reaping the economic benefits created by the forest industry. Other provinces would have been working 24 hours a day, seven days a week to make sure they didn’t end up in the situation we find ourselves in today.

We all know the Liberals didn’t do their homework. The six projects in the recently announced tender are to use between 300 and 2,000 tonnes annually. That’s 1.71 per cent of chips consumed by Northern Pulp who paid top dollar, and common sense tells us this will not soften the blow. It’s obvious they have no plan for the forest industry and they just don’t care.

The recently announced record budget by the Liberals, which is 51 per cent higher than last year’s, is comical since Stephen McNeil made the worst economic decision ever in Nova Scotia on December 20.

Adam Samson

St. Andrews