Rawlins Cross comes to Granville Green with The Hypochondriacs

Rawlins Cross headlines the Granville Green this Sunday.

PORT HAWKESBURY: On July 29 The Hypochondriacs will open for Rawlins Cross at the Granville Green.

Rawlins Cross is a Celtic band formed in the late 1980s in St John’s. The band started with Dave Panting (on guitar and mandolin), Ian McKinnon (highland pipes and tin whistle), and Geoff Panting (keyboards and accordion), the brother of Dave Panting. They’ve since gained new members, including Brain Bourne (bass), Howie Southwood (drums) and Joey Kitson (lead vocals). This is not the band’s first trip to the Strait area.

“The members of the Rawlins Cross are always up for a trip to Cape Breton.” Dave Panting said.

The band’s music, Panting said, fuses together several genres of music (blues, reggae, folk, rock and pop), with Celtic traditional styles as its roots. Their music was recognized by the East Coast Music Awards and the Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Festival lifetime achievement award.

“Playing with Rawlins Cross,” Panting said, “has given me a chance to work and travel with great people and hear many musical ideas realized. I am very grateful for this.”

Rawlins Cross will have more tour dates announced for the fall and New Year. Also, Panting said they will be recording more new songs in January.

“Thanks for this opportunity,” Panting said. “We are glad to be still making music together and never take it for granted.”

To learn more on the band, Rawlins Cross has an official Web site for tour dates and music at: www.rawlinscross.com.

The Hypochondriacs are a band from Fredericton, New Brunswick. They’ll be performing their Canadian, country and punk fusion. The band is led by two brothers; Josh (singer songwriter/guitar) and Aaron Bravener (drums/vocals). Other members include Justine Koroscil (vocals/percussion), Kelly Waterhouse (vocals/sax) and Jamie Guitar (on bass). The band started in 2012 and has been performing across Canada since.

To learn more on The Hypochondriacs, their official Web site is: www.thehypocondriacs.com.

In case of incoming bad weather, the concert will be moved to the Port Hawkesbury Civic Centre, on 606 Reeves Street.