This is in reference to a letter on Facebook written by John Green about the bingo on Thursday, May 30, at the fire hall in Port Hastings.

The week before, John gave instructions on how to enter the hall. At that time, I made the statement that it wasn’t convenient for people that are not able to use the stairs.

The day of the bingo, I received a call at my home and was told that under the circumstances, I could take two ladies – both over 80, one 88-years-old – to the side door. Just knock and they would be let in, I was told. Both these women have serious health issues, both had open heart surgery, one has Parkinson’s.

I have been taking these ladies for years and have always driven right to the side door. As well as myself, both ladies are devoted bingo players, and attend that as well as another local bingo every week, every month, for years.

Of course, I was upset when we were finally let in the hall as it wasn’t pleasant to be outdoors.

John had the nerve to tell me that if we were cold, we could have stayed in the car. I saw red with that comment. The whole idea of going early was to get good seats. If my hostility injured John’s feelings, he can just get over it.

This was advertised as “an appreciation bingo.” As regular bingo players, we didn’t feel very appreciated.

In all cases, especially the fire department, knowing the crowds they would have and how much money this would bring in, or any self-praise you give yourself; seniors should be respected, as well as anyone that has a disability.

Do not advertise the event as “appreciation,” it had nothing do with that. Better to show how much you value your regular bingo players when purses are low and they still show up in support of the fire department.

Carmel Forestall

Auld’s Cove