ANTIGONISH: Antigonish Municipal Council wants to make sure residents pay attention to their assessment notices.

Property Valuation Services Corporation issued more than 627,000 property assessments to Nova Scotia residents on January 14. Residents have until midnight on February 14 to appeal the assessments.

Following the January 15 meeting of council for the Municipality of the County of Antigonish, Warden Owen McCarron said the assessments are important for taxpayers.

“Sometimes people don’t look at [the assessments] so we encourage people to open them, have a look,” said McCarron. “If they’re not sure about them, contact PVSC or contact the municipal office. We’ll certainly help them as well.”

McCarron said when the appeal period ends, there is no way to change the notice for the year.

“Our budgets are built around the assessment notices,” he said. “When they’re sent out, if an appeal doesn’t happen, then we have to live with that notice that comes out. We encourage people to take the opportunity to look at them and make sure they are to their satisfaction.”