Pictured is a group of surveyors who planned some of the roads on Isle Madame.

In 1897 Bertram Bourinot began the Richmond County Record, a periodical that lasted for almost 80 years. Marshall Bourinot worked with his father and continued the paper into the 1970s.

The following excerpts are taken from the Richmond County Record of June 3, 1950:

“Pondville: Several men are engaged, at present, in repairing and whipping into shape contractor Colin R. MacDonald’s bulldozers, steam shovels and other road equipment under the supervision of Ronnie MacGillvary. There is a rumor that Mr. MacDonald will be awarded the contract to build the new road between Port Royal and Petit de Grat.

“Arichat: On the 31st of May, the little playmates of John David Stone assembled at his home to celebrate his sixth birthday. They were Guy LeBlanc, Gustave Bouchard, Paul Boudreau, Richard Acton, Junior DeCoste, Sylvia and Lois Stone, Ann Louise Holstein and Margaret Stone. Games were played after which a delicious lunch was served by Mrs. Thomas Boudreau, Mrs. Charlotte Landry and his mother Mrs. John Stone. He received many gifts and a very enjoyable afternoon was spent. Many more happy birthdays, Johnnie.

“D’Escousse: The following are graduates from the North Side of Isle Madame:

John W. Pertus (Civil Engineer), D’Escousse.

Alfred Baccardax (Law), Poirierville.

Elmer Britten (B.Sc.) Poirierville.

Bernard Britten (B.Sc.), Poirierville

Patricia Morrison (Business), Antigonish formerly of D’Escousse.

Harry B. MacDonald (Law), D’Escousse.

We wish them all good luck and a happy future.

“River Tillard: Emillio Raney, of Sydney, while fishing at River Tillard, landed a speckled beauty weighing 4 pounds 4 ounces on Sunday May 21st. This is the biggest trout reported caught in Richmond County since the opening of the season.

“West Arichat: Capt. Edward and Capt. Abraham Forgeron, of Halifax, spent the past week-end visiting their parents, Capt. and Mrs. Jeffrey Forgeron at West Arichat. Six sons of Capt. and Mrs. Forgeron hold masters papers and they are all engaged at present at their calling. The Forgeron boys earned their promotions by hard work and got their early training under the guidance of their father. The following are the names of sons: Capt. Wilfred, Capt. Edmund, Capt. Hubert, Capt. Clarence, Capt. Edward, and Capt. Abraham.

“Sporting Mountain: Seaview Lake was a favorite resort on the holiday. The usual quota was supplemented by a teacher [sorry we have not her name] and pupils from Louisdale. Such an assembly of youths was a novelty on Sporting Mountain, and as they went by in orderly parade led by vocal music, we assumed it must be the Pied Piper and the children of Hamelin.

“Petit de Grat: The past week was fairly good for our fishermen. Some herring were caught in the nets, also gaspereaux. Lobsters were scarce and cod and haddock have not appeared on the grounds in large quantities as yet, but may show up early in the month. Salmon is also scarce, so far this season.”