Pictured is the Petit de Grat Red Caps of the Richmond County Baseball League.

In 1897 Bertram Bourinot began the Richmond County Record, a periodical that lasted for almost 80 years. Marshall Bourinot worked with his father and continued the paper into the 1970s. The following excerpts are taken from the Richmond County Record of October 13, 1951:

“Red Caps Win County Series, Petit de Grat: The Petit de Grat Red Caps have come through again this year as the Richmond County Baseball Champions and winners of the Richmond Record Trophy, and also the Urquhart Shield as the team in highest standing in the League.

“The St. Peter’s Royals put up a gallant fight and brought the series to a tie creating the greatest interest in the history of baseball in this County.

“The last and final game was waged on the Petit de Grat diamond on Sunday afternoon when the largest crowd of fans ever to witness a ballgame was in attendance. The score was 8-4.

“When the Record trophy and the Urquhart shield arrive, they will be presented to the winners at the banquet to be held at the Parish Hall, Petit de Grat, in the near future, sponsored by the Red Caps Baseball Club.

“We are looking forward to a more descriptive write-up of the game from our good friend Ken MacEwen, who has handled that fine column ‘Diamond Dust’ so well during the baseball season.

“Black River: A number of farmers and their wives from this community attended the plowing match at Tatamagouche last week. We are pleased with the showing given by our plowmen, namely Robert MacIntosh Dundee, Phil MacInnes, Ross MacIntosh, St. George’s Channel, tractor plowing, Angus A. MacInnes, St. George’s Channel, William D. MacKay and Alex J. Campbell, The Points, horse plowing. We would like especially to congratulate Angus MacInnes for winning fourth place.

“West Arichat: Josephine Babin, daughter of Mrs. Clement Babin, met with a painful accident the past week when she fell from a pile of wood and broke her collarbone. She is resting comfortably at her home.

“Hawker: Lucille Pottie has secured employment at the Cosy Corner, St. Peter’s.

“Arichat: Fire destroyed a barn, owned by Charles DeCoste at Head of Harbor on Sunday night. Luckily no animals were housed in the barn at the time. Mr. DeCoste’s winter supply of hay, also a harness and a cart were destroyed.

“During the last week members of the High School Junior Red Cross gave their services to the cause of the Children’s Aid. They canvassed every household within their reach and reported substantial results. The amount of $46.15 was handed to Mr. Campbell, manager of the Royal Bank of Canada.

“Arichat- Petit de Grat: The new highway from Arichat to Petit de Grat is receiving a fresh coat of crushed gravel which will add greatly to the surface. The Breton Construction Company is building this new highway and has performed a splendid piece of work.

“The continuation of the contract from the St. Joseph’s Church, Petit de Grat, is now underway to the Booth Fisheries Plant of Boudreauville.”