Richmond County Record

Pictured is the St. Anne’s Red Cross Hospital in Arichat, which was the former Bishop’s Palace for the Diocese of Arichat.

In 1897 Bertram Bourinot began the Richmond County Record, a periodical that lasted for almost 80 years. Marshall Bourinot worked with his father and continued the paper into the 1970s.

The following excerpts are taken from the Richmond County Record of October 13, 1951:

“Isle Madame: The monthly meeting of the Arichat-Isle Madame Board of Trade was held here on Thursday night being postponed from Monday due to inclement weather.

“A large attendance was recorded at the meeting.

“The most important topic before the board was that of police protection for Isle Madame. Much discussion took place at this juncture and it was unanimously adopted that drastic action be taken to bring about an early return of an RCMP detachment to Arichat. At a previous meeting, Mr. J.A. Benoit retired as secretary-treasurer of the board and was accorded a vote of thanks for the splendid service rendered during his long term of office.

“Mr. C.V. Putman of West Arichat is the newly-appointed secretary of the board. A man of wide experience, Mr. Putnam will undoubtedly make a worthy successor to Mr. Benoit.”

“The Annual Meeting of the Isle Madame Hospital Board was held at the hospital on Tuesday. The treasurer read the financial report for the year and signed by Mr. Campbell, bank manager. The receipts totaled $8,248.62 and the disbursements $2,067.61 leaving a bank balance of $774.61. Reference was made to the construction of new fence and the president, Mr. E.C. Doyle stated that Mr. J.J. Latimer had kindly donated the posts for this. On motion of Father Poirier and A.B. Martell, the above report was approved.

“Attention was called to a letter of July 2 last, addressed to the Red Cross Society from the Fire Marshal. It recommended the removal of chimney pots and pipe inside the hospital chimneys and the closing of fire doors in stairways at a definite time each night and immediately in daylight emergencies.

“On motion of Father Doucet and Mr. W. Boudreau it was ordered that the instructions of the Fire Marshal be followed.

“The following officers were elected for the ensuing year, Mr. E.C. Doyle re-elected president, Dr. G.R. Deveau, vice president, Mr. J.A. Benoit who gave unselfish and industrious service to the hospital board as secretary-treasurer since the founding of the association in 1948 to the present day, was obliged to retire from this post on orders from his physician. A vote of thanks was extended to Mr. Benoit. M.J. Bourinot was chosen as secretary treasurer but has consented to act as secretary only.

“Col. the Rev. Wm. Rippon was added as a new member of the board.”

“A chest x-ray clinic was held at the OLA Convent Hall here during the past week under the supervision of Dr. F.N. MacNeil of Sydney, a former practitioner at Arichat, assisted by Carl MacTavish, X-Ray technician, Miss B.M. Martell R.N. and Miss Hazel MacDonald R.N.”

“St. Peter’s: Mr. and Mrs. John LeVesconte and three sons John, Kenneth and Roy, also Mrs. Ethel LeVesconte of St. Peter’s attended the ordination service for Rev. Wm. Rippon, at St. John’s Church, Arichat on Tuesday of the past week.”