ARICHAT: Council has approved a request to cover extra costs for a water and wastewater project with gas tax revenue.

During the regular monthly meeting of Richmond Municipal Council on September 23 in Arichat, council approved the recommendation of the committee-of-the-whole to accept CBCL Ltd. as the firm to carry out pre-engineering work for a replacement and refurbishment project at the Arichat and Petit de Grat sewer treatment plant.

Council also approved a recommendation from the same committee-of-the-whole meeting to cover the difference in cost by using money from gas tax funds.

Deputy Warden Alvin Martell tabled the recommendations.

In response to a question from District 4 councillor Gilbert Boucher about the exact dollar amount, Chief Administrative Officer Don Marchand confirmed the project was approximately $10,000 over budget.

Warden Brian Marchand explained that the tender came in at a higher dollar figure than what the municipality originally budgeted.

“The problem I have with that is if it comes in and all of a sudden we see a $100,000 bill over and above the tender, I don’t think that’s fair to us,” Boucher said. “We should know the figure before it’s approved.”

The warden responded that the new amount was provided at the last meeting and staff do not expect the amount to increase.

“It’s coming out of the gas tax money so we should know, have an idea, what we’re taking out of the gas tax funds,” Boucher responded.

The warden added that the tender request was previously discussed in-camera and he confirmed that the municipality originally budgeted approximately $30,000, when this phase of the project came in at a price tag of $40,000.