Roads in Marble Mountain area require immediate attention

Does the Government of Nova Scotia realize that we have the beautiful village of Marble Mountain situated on the Bras d’Or Lake in Inverness County?

Seems it is the forgotten village. This place is a gem and I may be biased as I am fortunate enough to have a summer residence there.

That being said, the reason I am putting pen to paper is to complain about the deplorable state of our roads. Drivers are often forced to navigate this highway by driving on the wrong side of the road to avoid deep potholes and eroded shoulder areas. This already dangerous practice is exacerbated by the weeds and brush crowding the twisted roadside, creating blind spots and potential peril.

While daytime driving is a challenge at best, nighttime is a real horror! I have family and friends who do not want to travel on this road given the condition and their concern for their vehicles and personal safety. Motorcyclists and cyclists would enjoy this scenic drive but it is too dangerous.

Premier Stephen McNeil and Honourable Lloyd Hines, Minister of Transportation, I invite you to come visit and see for yourself. Drop in for a cup of tea and I will also give you Gravol for your trip back as you may well need it. Oh and you will also need a barf bag as you cannot pull over on the side of the road as there are no shoulders to pull over on.

I make a few trips a week to Arichat to visit my parents or to pick up or visit my daughter who is a resident of the group home there. These trips greatly upset my stomach due to travelling on such roads. A friend recently took her young child to Marble Mountain and she was sick going and coming. She was quite upset as there was not a place to pull over.

How much worst can this dangerous road get before we see action from our government? I am convinced that it is only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured or worse. I recently travelled across our beautiful province and travelled many side roads never seeing anything as deteriorated as the Marble Mountain – Lime Hill Road.

Phyllis Frost

Marble Mountain