School and summer sports could return

HALIFAX: With school set to resume in September, school sports might also take place, but before that, other sports could be making a return this summer.

During a media briefing on July 22 regarding the province’s decision that all public schools in Nova Scotia will re-open on September 8 to students and staff, the issue of school athletics was discussed.

According to Nova Scotia’s chief medical officer of health, Dr. Robert Strang, the Nova Scotia School Athletic Federation (NSSAF) has a plan – that has been submitted to Sport Nova Scotia and the Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage for approval – and is developing a schedule for return of some, but not all, sports.

Schools will communicate schedules and COVID practices with schools, parents and students in the fall, he said.

“I’ve asked them to review those plans and make sure that they’re consistent with our overall return to play plans for all sports in the province,” Dr. Strang noted. “They’re doing that work and they’ll come to me for further conversation and a kind of final assessment, then to take that back to the department, and then to NSSAF.”

Then during a press conference on July 24 announcing the extension of the provincial state of emergency to August and that non-medical masks will be mandatory in all public indoor spaces, Dr. Robert Strang, said incidental and temporary contact will be allowed during baseball and softball games.

“We have a solution that will allow baseball and softball to resume,” Dr. Strang told reporters.

Dr. Strang said this will also have implications on other sports as well, including soccer and rugby, but Sport Nova Scotia will be reaching out to organizations across the province and will be providing more information this week.