The future of Inverness County and Cape Breton Island needs investment, bold ideas, new energy, and people. This is why I am supporting Cabot Golf’s proposed new Golf Course for West Mabou.

First of all, we know it will be world class. Cabot Cliffs was ranked 10th in the world by Golf Digest for 2022 with Cabot Links being ranked # 39. Now consider the fact that there are more than 25,000 golf courses worldwide. It is incredible to think we can have another world class golf course here in Inverness County.

This course will bring new investment, new energy, and bold ideas. Most importantly, it will provide opportunity and hope for our children, grandchildren, and our local communities.

Port Hood, Mabou, Judique, Inverness, and the entire region benefit from Cabot. There are hundreds of tradespeople building homes, businesses like we have never seen before, and our municipality has experienced significant growth financially.

For the first time in generations, Inverness County has stopped losing population and is now growing. Imagine what this local business has done in the last 10 years, employing 500-plus workers.

The community of Inverness and surrounding areas are the benefactors. One just has to drive through Inverness to experience the change. I want Port Hood, Mabou, and the region to have this same opportunity.

We all know that the West Mabou Provincial Park is a jewel. The reality is that a Cabot Golf Course will only add to its beauty. The park will have even better trails and infrastructure. In fact, the designation of the park will be even further enhanced. After all, this park is designated as a natural environment park because of its natural landscapes and outstanding recreational resources.

It is not a protected area as some would have you believe. The Province of Nova Scotia has the authority to allow development on the site and should approve a lease for the land identified. This is, without question, a no brainer.

Let’s get behind this great proposal for our communities and our future!

Paul MacInnis

Port Hood