Pictured is the village of D’Escousse with St. Hyacinth’s Church at the top of the hill.

February 18, 1901: Fidele Langlois, widower of Marie Anne Fougere, married Marie Jeanne Pertus, daughter of Jean Pertus and Adele Benoit, witnesses were Jacques Fougere and Louise Pertus

February 18, 1901: Marin Langlois, son of Simon Langlois and Julie Marchand, married Emma Bonin, daughter of Modeste Bonin and Virginie Poirier, witnesses were Amedee Langlois and Alexina Bonin

February 18, 1901: Alfred Petitpas, son of Damien Petitpas and Gracieuse Poirier, married Minnie (Minerva Marie) Poirier, daughter of Philip Poirier and Honorine Prejean, witnesses were Philip Poirier and Rosina Bonin

February 18, 1901: Noel Burke, son of Elie Burke and Marie Bonin, married Marie Poirier, daughter of Maxime Poirier and Elizabeth Goyetche, witnesses were Jean Bonin and Hortense Goyetche

April 28, 1901: Lawrence Hearn, son of Michael Hearn and Marguerite Britten, married Marie Ellen Stone, daughter of George Stone and Margaret Doyle, witnesses were Leo Stone and Katie Hearn

September 3, 1901: William Henry Hearn, son of Jean Hearn and the late Elizabeth Kelly, married Mary Elizabeth O’Mullins, daughter of Pierre O’Mullins and the late Sara Samson of Placentia, Newfoundland, witnesses were Robert Lafford and Minnie Doyle

January 20, 1902 : Galetan Landry, son of Guillaume Landry and Judith LeBlanc, married Helene Jeanne Meunier, daughter of Simon Meunier and Marie Boudrot, witnesses were Henri Landry and Maude Theriault

January 20, 1902: Frederick Mombourquette, son of Frederick Mombourquette and Adele Poirier of L’Ardoise, married Minnie (Marie Angeline) Kavanaugh, daughter of Daniel Kavanaugh and Marguerite Poirier, witnesses were R. H. Hamilton and Eunice J. Brymer.

January 21, 1902: William Bonin, son of Marin Bonin and Adele Gallant, married Marie Adrienne Poirier, daughter of Joseph Poirier and Phoebe Kavanaugh, witnesses were Sylvestre Bonin and Maria E. Poirier

January 27, 1902: Cornelius Boudrot, son of Desire Boudrot and the late Virginie Josse, married Marie Louise LeBlanc, daughter of Hilaire LeBlanc and Elizabeth Hebert, witnesses were Bertie Boudrot and Elizabeth LeBlanc

January 27, 1902: James McDonald, son of the late Edward McDonald and Adele McDonald, married Henriette Anne Josse, daughter of Maxime Josse and Henriette Boudrot, witnesses were Victor McDonald and Josephine Boudrot

April 23, 1902: Alexandre Poirier, widower of Eliza Doiraune (Duane), married Alexandrine Poirier, daughter of Philip Poirier and Honorine Prejean, witnesses were Philip Poirier and Lucienne Bonin

August 11, 1902: Joseph Miller Theriault, son of Aime Theriault and the late Marguerite Louise LeBlanc, married Marie Bridge Anne Poirier, daughter of Jean Poirier and Marie Anne Josse, witnesses were Geoffrey LeBlanc and Marie Poirier

August 22, 1902: Thomas Poirier, son of Maxime Poirier and Marguerite McDonald, married Adele Josse, daughter of Sylvain Josse and Louise McDonald, witnesses were Bernard Poirier and Henriette Anne McDonald

November 16, 1902: Aime McDonald, widower of Amelie Girroir (Emilie ‘Amelia’ Gerrior), married Henriette Anne Josse, adopted daughter of Zephirin Josse and Sophia Petitpas, witnesses were Simon Josse and Madame Elizabeth Josse