St. Hyacinth’s Parish church marriage records

Pictured is the original St. Hyacinth’s Parish Church in D’Escousse.

1903 officiated by Fr. D. J. McIntosh

Jan. 12, 1903: Cesar Forgeron, son of Elisse Forgeron and Anne Briand of West Arichat, married Martha Jane Shannon, daughter of Charles Shannon and Marie Samson; witnesses Geoffrey Forgeron and Alexina Samson

Jan. 20, 1903: James Toussaint Bonin, son of Simon and the late Elizabeth Bonin, married Josephine Poirier, daughter of Remi Poirier and Felicite Bonin; witnesses Agapit Bonin and Libbie Rancon

Jan. 20, 1903: Victor McDonald, son of Aime McDonald and Amelia Gerrior, married Anne Petitpas, daughter of Pierre Petitpas and Elizabeth Maillet; witnesses Amadie Langlois and Sarah Jane Petitpas

Feb. 17, 1903; Benjamin Poirier, son of Elie Poirier and Julie LeBlanc married Henriette Virginie Doyle, daughter of Edward and Matilda Doyle; witnesses Edward Charles Doyle and Marie Poirier

Feb. 23, 1903: James Kehoe, son of Thomas Kehoe and Helene Conway of Rocky Bay, married Alexina Doyle, daughter of Philip Doyle and Marguerite Lewis; witnesses Edward Kehoe and Elizabeth Conway

June 30, 1903: Robert Hayes, widower of Alice Colfort of River Inhabitants, married Alvina McGrath, daughter of Thomas McGrath and Anne McDonald; witnesses John Cloak and Mary McGrath

Oct. 11, 1903 : Francois Boloche, son of Francois Boloche and Marie Jeanne Thomas, married Marie Poirier, daughter of Pierre Poirier and Adele Bonin; witnesses Wilfred Kavanaugh and Eugenie Poirier

Oct. 11, 1903: Robert F. Bourke, widower of Agnes Lowe, married Marguerite Landry, daughter of the late Joseph Landry; witnesses Alfred Landry and Delphine Bourke

1904 Officiated by Fr. P. Robitaille

Jan. 26, 1904: Remi Fougere, son of Anselme Fougere and Julie Boudrot, married Clara Anna Landry, daughter of William Landry and Helene Carleton; witnesses Lewis Landry and Josephine Pertus

Jan. 26, 1904: Willie (James Wallace) Poirier, son of Philippe Poirier and Honorine Prejean, married Marie Barbe Mombourquette, widow of Dan Keiley; witnesses Wilfred Poirier and Eva Poirier Feb. 2, 1904; Francois Poirier, son of Philippe Poirier and Honorine Prejean, married Margaret Cordeau, widow of Hilaire Petitpas and daughter of Guillaume Cordeau and Judith Poirier; witnesses Hilaire Petitpas, Wilfred Poirier and Almande Cordeau

Feb. 7, 1904: Willie Petitpas, son of Simon Petitpas and Anne Rancon, married Rebecca Bonin, widow of Honore Poirier; witnesses Abraham Petitpas and Phedema Bonin

Aug. 10, 1904: Robert Burke, adopted son of Walter Bourke and Rufine Petitpas, married Maria Langlois (Boudreau), widow of Simon Langlois; witnesses Wallace Samson and Anne Landry; officiated by Fr. D. J. McIntosh

Oct. 29, 1904: John Ranson, son of Francois Ranson and Annie Ranson, married Sarah Jeanne Petitpas of West Arichat, daughter of Pierre Petitpas and Elizabeth Maillet; witnesses Walas Linden and Lybie Josse; officiated by Fr. Gustave Trennant