January 9, 1912: Charles Henri Shannon, son of Charles Shannon and Marie Samson, married Marie Aida Landry, daughter of the late Alexander Landry and Adeline Richard, witnesses were Wallace Kavanagh and Marie Landry

January 22, 1912; William Fougere, son of Isidore Fougere and Melanie Boudreau, married Marie Louise Etienne, daughter of William Etienne and Marie Therese Jackman, witnesses were George Etienne and Marie Landry

January 29, 1912: William McDonald, son of William (Michael) McDonald and Pauline Bourque (Burke), married Marie Henrietta McDonald, daughter of Isidore McDonald and Alvina McDonald, witnesses were John Bourque, Marie Landry and Mary McDonald

February 7, 1912: John Alexander McNamaraof Lower River Inhabitants, son of John McNamara and Catherine Delaney, married Marie Henriette Rancon, daughter of William Rancon and Veronique Langlois, witnesses were Willie Rancon and Mary Kavanagh

December 25, 1912: Joseph Louis Burk (Burt) of St. Pierre and Miquelon, son of Joseph Burk and Emilie Lambert, married Marie Louise Langlois, daughter of Simon Langlois and Sabine Marguerite Boudreau, witnesses were Paul Landry and Rose Landry

December 28, 1912: Simon D.D Fougere, widower of Marie Boudreau, married Lyda Pertus, widow of the late Simon Paul Fougere, witnesses were Ernest Fougere and his wife

June 17, 1912: John P. Doyle, son of Philip Doyle and Annie Luce, married Margaret Keating, daughter of Nicholas Keating and (Margaret?) McGrath

February 13, 1913: Simon Bonin, son of Simon Bonin and Elizabeth Poirier, married Eugenie Poirier, daughter of Edmond Poirier and Sarah Jeanne Bonin, witnesses were Agapit Bonin and ? Bonin

January 20, 1913: Hubert Ronald Poirier, son of Frederic Poirier and Adeline McDonald, married Bella Josse, daughter of Henri Josse and Adelaide Maguette (Maguet), witnesses were Henri Josse and Mable Poirier

January 22, 1913: Anthony Charles McDonald, son of Charles McDonald and Nanan (Anne Nancy) Petitpas, married Angelique McDonald, daughter of Elie McDonald and Marie Anne Bourque, witnesses were Charles McDonald and Seraphine McDonald

January 4, 1913: Joseph William Goodwin, son of William Goodwin and Elizabeth Bourke, married Elizabeth Provost, daughter of Maxime Provost and Marian Boudrot (The civil record gives the marriage date as January 25, 1913)

January 5, 1913: Leon Bonin, son of William Bonin and Victoire Meunier, married Armena Baccardax, daughter of Agapit Baccardax and Annae Poirier, witnesses were Malzard Bonin and ? Poirier (The civil record gives the marriage date as January 31, 1913)

January 6, 1913: Pierre Rancon, son of Peter Rancon and Marie Destrummel, married Marie Helene Muise, widow of Henry Colin Ryan (The civil record gives the marriage date as January 24, 1913)

All marriages were officiated by Fr. W. A. Boucher