St. Peter’s to Fourchu highway needs an upgrade

As some people are aware, I am writing this letter in good faith to try and help other people in two other Cape Breton communities.

The Framboise-Fourchu area needs prompt attention concerning the deteriorating of the highway that runs through both communities, and begins at the St. Peter’s highway garage.

This is not my first letter concerning this long stretch of neglected roadway. Over many years, I’ve searched for the answer as to how roads can even reach a point that they become unsafe to travel due to many unbelievable, unattended broken asphalt surface potholes.

In recent days, I have been in contact with two residents living in these two communities I mentioned in my letter, Dustin MacAulay and Jeanette Strachan. I feel the pain and frustration you both endure on a daily basis while going about your travels. Adding to the misery is the fact that the areas with bad roadways become more dangerous because the communities are lacking cell phone service.

The following are quotes that Dustin and Jeanette passed on to me with their given permission.

Dustin said: “It’s unfortunate to see a road that is used daily by so many residents and businesses deteriorate into pieces, literally. As part of Nova Scotia’s famous scenic drives, many tourists travel along this road only to be left with flat tires and damaged vehicles. This area has so much to offer and so much potential but first we need a road that is safe and reliable for all motorists who travel it.”

Jeanette added: “This road is a section of a major route from Port Hawkesbury to Sydney on the southeast side of Cape Breton Island. It seems, that this part of the island has been neglected and cut off from the rest of Cape Breton, but the fact remains we have lots to offer travellers and people want to see it. There is a lot of work to be done in this regard; good roads are just a part of this.”

Now we can see a bigger picture what the people of Fourchu and Framboise, along with all other motorists using this deteriorating piece of asphalt roadway, are facing in daily travel.

No area cell phone service, busted tires, bent wheel rims, damaged front ends, broken shocks, damaged struts, and I’m sure others could be added to this list; damages that have to be endured by the vehicle’s owner. This is unjust to the motorists to have to pay for damage to their vehicles, while in this case, the bad road conditions are at fault.

The last update I received from Jeanette Strachan is that their Monday evening weekly meetings are showing good progress, voices are being heard by the right people involved, and that they will make this matter right for all concerned.

I want to add that my wife and I would like to visit relatives of hers living in Fourchu but even with the partly asphalt patch-up work done this past summer, we still can’t take the risk traveling along this section of highway. We can’t afford any vehicle damages, busting a tire, or to put our own safety in danger.

Please help all motorists and place this matter of concern at the top of the priority list.

Clarence Landry