StFX offers a warm welcome

StFX students and officials welcomed students back to campus recently for the 2019-2020 school year.

ANTIGONISH: Over a thousand students, parents, relatives and friends were greeted with a warm welcome to celebrate StFX’s new incoming Class of 2019.

The StFX Students’ Union enthusiastic O’Crew cheered on new students as they arrived on campus on August 31. StFX President Dr. Kevin Wamsley met each and every student, family members and friends as they entered the Charles V. Keating Centre to check in.

StFX is expecting more than 1,400 new incoming students from all over the world.

“We are so happy you chose StFX over all the other universities in the world,” said Dr. Wamsley during a welcome presentation to students, family and friends. “You chose us for our outstanding professors, our outstanding staff, our unique community and residential atmosphere, and our small class sizes where every professor will know you by name. You chose us because you will have incredible leadership and service opportunities and because we will give you the tools to make a difference in this world; StFX is a community like no other.”

Classes begin Tuesday, September 3.

“You’ll be the first StFX students to ever take a class in the state-of-the art Mulroney Hall,” said StFX Dr. Tim Hynes, VP of Academics and Provost. “All our systems will be ‘go’ Tuesday morning.”

StFX Student Union President Cecil VanBuskirk welcomed new students into the Xaverian community.

“Everyone in this room is here to make your experience valuable and life changing.”

More than 30 booths were set up to provide information on numerous services available to students along with lunch for everyone. Information sessions for friends and family were held throughout the day to help with the transition to university.