Marilyn Talbot (left) and Yvonne Fox, as well as Marcellin Chiasson (back), were all smiles on September 18 at the 41st anniversary celebration of the Port Hastings Historical Society, and the unveiling of new accessible ramps at the Strait Area Museum.

PORT HASTINGS: Members of the Port Hastings Historical Society celebrated their 41st anniversary last week which made for a wonderful opportunity to unveil a new feature at the Strait Area Museum. An accessibility ramp is now in place.

“It’s been two years in the making, because you only get a certain percentage of funds from the government when you apply for these kinds of grants. We had to be sure we had enough money to pay for the rest,” said volunteer Marilyn Talbot, speaking to The Reporter just moments after the ribbon was cut for the new entrance on September 18.

“We had the County of Inverness and the Town of Port Hawkesbury both give generously, and that helped us along. It became a reality through the volunteer effort.”

Norvon Enterprises and Ideal Concrete were significant contributors to the project, offering supplies and in kind work. Kent Building Supplies and Martin Marietta were also involved.

Others involved were Garnet Boudreau, Steve MacIsaac, Terry MacIsaac, Jim Talbot, Jarred Snair, Dernie Gillis, Marcellin Chaisson, Maggie Fraser, and John Fraser. Mark Boudreau drew up plans for the ramp and oversaw construction.

Photos by Grant McDaniel — Karen Mudge, president of the Port Hastings Historical Society, cuts the ribbon to official unveil the new accessible entrance at the Strait Area Museum. The opening took place on September 18, and holding the ribbon are Dernie Gillis (left) and Marcellin Chaisson.

On the government side, an accessibility grant provided provincial money for the cause. In order to be considered for government funding, groups like the historical society have to be accredited by the province. It’s a lengthy process of inspection and answering questions, and the local group managed a very impressive score.

“Five years ago, we were assessed with a score of 81 – that was huge,” Talbot said.

The museum has also been spruced up by external and internal painting, thanks to a Communities in Bloom grant.

A large group of volunteers, history buffs, and local leaders gathered at the Strait Area Museum on September 18, celebrating the 41st anniversary of the Port Hastings Historical Society.