Stunting drivers from Alberta clocked at 232 km/hr

ANTIGONISH: Two drivers from Alberta were fined, had their licenses suspended and their vehicles seized after they were clocked driving more than 120 kilometres an hour over the speed limit.

On July 19, an off-duty police officer reported two westbound vehicles travelling at extremely high rates of speed on Highway 104 near Monastery.

An RCMP officer working near Exit 31 caught both vehicles on RADAR and measured the speeds at 232 km/h. The speed limit in the area is 110.

The vehicles were a blue Chevrolet Camaro and a white Mercedes C 63. Both vehicles were stopped and both drivers ticketed for stunting. The drivers were a 48-year-old man from Wetaskiwin, Alberta and a 43-year-old man from Fort McMurray, Alberta.

 As a part of being charged with stunting, which carries a fine in Nova Scotia of $2,422.50, both drivers were issued an immediate seven-day driving suspension and each had their vehicles seized and impounded. 

Anyone who sees someone driving unsafely, is asked to call the RCMP at 1-800-803-RCMP (7267) or 911.