Support container terminal project

Melford International Terminals is planning a large scale operation in Guysborough County.

The Melford container terminal being developed by Richie Mann and his group has the opportunity to proceed now.

The two major articles in The Chronicle Herald, one by Peter Pziobrowski and the other by Bernard Smith, make it clear that the Halifax container piers cannot handle the new class of super ships. There can no longer be lipstick put on a pig.

These Halifax-based opiners are closing their eyes to reality. One suggests moving the port to Dartmouth. The other makes it clear that the Halifax-based politicians should not let the new pier go to Melford.

This is ludicrous. Now is the time for the change to be made. Where is the voice of our federal, provincial and municipal leaders? They must get moving.

Now is the prime time to make a lot of noise. If you agree please let our politicians know.

Jim Marchand