The owner of The Cove Motel, Restaurant, & Gift Shop got creative to stay in touch with her clientele during the pandemic and took the store’s most popular products and lauched a Web site The Cozy Cottage Gift Shop.

AULD’S COVE: A local gift shop that has been a community staple for 40 years has had to make some changes to safely stay in business during the global pandemic.

The owner of The Cove Motel, Restaurant, & Gift Shop, Angela Caldarone, said that due to COVID-19, they only opened their motel rooms and cabins for the season for a period of time but since then they have been able to re-open their restaurant.

The gift shop was opened over 40 years ago at the entry to Cape Breton and continues to open seasonally, where locals and tourists visit their seaside property every year.

Cape Breton Island is usually buzzing with tourists this time of year, however due to COVID-19 and travel restrictions, the normal high-volume traffic from visitors is virtually non-existent.

“I saw a need, however, for locals searching for quality, fun, and relaxing products to enjoy, particularly during this more challenging time,” Caldarone said. “So I decided to take our most popular products from our gift shop, along with a variety of new, exciting products and launched a website for us to be able to reach both locals and customers across Canada.”

Tourist shops and souvenir stores are feeling these effects, which lead her to get creative to stay in touch with her clientele and created The Cozy Cottage Gift Shop.

“Our gift shop has evolved over the years, and in 2020, being unable to open due to COVID-19, we decided to take our best-selling and new and exciting products on-line,” Caldarone said. “Our goal is to provide high quality products that help you feel joyful, comfy, and uplifted year-round.”

The Cozy Cottage Gift Shop features Cobble Hill puzzles, Nova Scotia-made Buckwheat Hull Pillows, HearthSong outdoor toys, bamboo apparel, bargain books, high quality kid’s toys, and more.

They launched last month and within the first week they already had a number of local customers and orders from across Canada.

To support social distancing measures, Caldarone explained they offer free delivery to the Port Hawkesbury, Port Hastings, Newtown, Troy, Point Tupper, Lower River Inhabitants, Whiteside, Evanston, Cleveland, MacIntyre Lake, and Hureauville areas.

The Cozy Cottage Gift Shop will happily drop off orders outside homes – using proper social distancing protocols – and orders will be delivered within two business days of placing the order.

“With local, provincial, and country-wide shipping options, along with excellent customer service, we hope you enjoy the experience of shopping our site,” Caldarone said. “And find unique, joyful products for you, your friends, your family, and your home.”

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