This is another of Wallace MacAskill’s classic photographs, this one depicts the historic Cap La Ronde lighthouse.

Around the time of the American War of Independence there were those who maintained their loyalty to Great Britain and did not support a violent revolution. These “Tories” also referred to as Loyalists found themselves in a similar position as their ancestors who had fled Britain under political and religious duress.

Families such as the Edwards, Dobsons, Maughers, Burtons, and many more found refuge in Richmond County. They became founders and builders and leaders and sank their roots deeply in our soil. One such family is that of Philippe Maugher, the first to come here.

Thomas Mauger was born on the Isle of Jersey circa 1650. Pierre Mauger was born and died on Jersey 1675-1740. He married twice: Marie Mauger 1698 and Judith Mauger circa 1712.

Richard Mauger was born in 1717 at Jersey and married Anne Luce around 1734. Jean (John) Mauger was born in 1752 and he later married Marie Le Cornu.

Philippe Mauger was born at Les Landes, St. Ouen on the Island of Jersey in 1777. He died in November, 1830 at Cap La Ronde. On February 14, 1795 he married Susanne LeGresley. His second marriage was on May 6, 1798 to Jeanne LeGresley at St. Ouen’s Parish. They were both 21 years old. She died in 1816.

Philippe remarried in 1817 to his cousin Jeanne (Jane) Maugher. The three marriages produced 13 children.

Philippe was a man of means who brought his children to Nova Scotia on his own ship, and bought most of Cap La Ronde from Miles McDaniel.

John Mauger, son of Philippe and Jeanne LeGresley, was born in 1813 on the Island of Jersey in St. Mary’s Parish. He died at Cap La Ronde on August 18, 1877. His wife was Mary Ann Besong 1813-1887. The following 11 children were born at Cap La Ronde between 1837 and 1857: Mary, Jane, Jane, Merion, John Thomas, Philip, Charles Philip, Henry, Mary Jane, Rachel, and Philip James.

John Thomas Mauger, (1844-1942) son of John Mauger and Mary Ann Besong, was married to Victoria (1853-1929). There were five children beginning with Victoria Ada in 1874, John Philip 1875, Mary Mabel 1877, Mary Ann Caroline 1879, and William John.

Philip Mauger (1837-1904) married Mary Ann Burge (1842-1909) in 1861. There were six children born between 1862 and 1873: William George, Ann Jane, George, Philip James, John, and Mary Jane.

Philip James Mauger married Jessie Pringle in 1893. One of their children was Lennox Hubert Tupper who wed Ida Lelacheur and they had one child, Pearl.

Joseph Mauger married Marion Shaw in 1841. Over a 23-year period beginning in 1842 with the birth of Margaret to Agnes Allen born 1865, there were 12 children in all: Margaret, Joseph Philip, Jane Elizabeth, Marion, Jemima Ann, John, Joseph Henry, James Allen, Thomas George, Mary Agnes Jane, and Robert Philip.

Some noteworthy Maugers included John George Mauger who was known in the community as “Long John.” He was the son of Joseph Mauger and Marion Shaw.

Charles Mauger was the son of John Mauger and Mary Besong. He owned two lobster factories, one at Cap La Ronde and one at Ingonish. Charles had two daughters, Minnie and Lina, both longtime organists at St. John’s Anglican Church in Arichat and the Cap La Ronde Anglican Church, St. Ouens.

John Mauger and wife Mary Ann kept the lighthouse at Cap La Ronde for many years.


In the column of October 21 entitled “Arichat’s Historic Main Street,” reference was made to the wrong person, the column should have named Anne Boudreau.