It’s vacation time for me, or at least it will be by the time you are reading this column.

I’ll be spending the majority of my time off at home, likely marathoning Netflix and wondering why if I can deep-fry spinach in order to make it taste better.

Despite not moving further than the grocery store and possibly the hospital if I am able to achieve my goal of eating nothing but chicken wings for the week, I’d like to offer a few suggestions to folks who may also find themselves with a little free time. With that said, I have no authority over you so feel free to do whatever you want.

When it comes to movies, I offer three titles for your perusal. If you want to hit the theatre, Ready Player One opens this week. While it is a Steven Spielberg film set in a dystopian future where the only escape is a virtual reality program featuring roughly 97 per cent of the world’s population, I have not heard a lot about this movie. The nerd sites say it’s good but I haven’t seen a lot of mainstream media jumping on board. I am curious if this is going to have any legs at all. If the theatre isn’t your thing, my second movie suggestion is Star Wars The Last Jedi, which just came out on Blu-ray. You want to remember what it feels like to be a kid and watch Star Wars again? This movie did it for me. I would be remiss if I didn’t also include A Foreign Affair for you old Hollywood fans. My friend Melina is a Marlene Dietrich admirer and she’s usually right about this sort of thing so here you are.

As for television, if you’re on Netflix, go with Hap and Leonard, a series that doesn’t get enough hype. The two seasons are only six episodes each so it’s not a huge time suck. If you have Crave, go with Letterkenny. It’s funny and Canadian. Why not give the boys, two of whom like one of my columns on Twitter, some love? If you only rock regular cable… go read a book… which brings me to my next point.

If you are a reader, I suspect you are already covered. If not, please hit your local library. It’s not because I don’t have suggestions, I just want more people to use the library. They’re good folks doing a good job. Let them know and use their services.

Sticking with the theme of moving off the couch, I also highly recommend exercise. You may exercise already and you may not. You may feel you don’t need it. You may even feel embarrassed to try. I assure you, there is something out there fitness-wise that you will enjoy. Be it running, swimming, martial arts, team sports, whatever, there is something you can do a couple of hours a week to keep the rust off and help keep your brain right.

Next week will likely be a return to my movie column running diary but there will be a bit of a twist this time around. I hope you’ll like it.

I’m done now.