Town and NSCC to install speed radar signs

PORT HAWKESBURY: The Town of Port Hawkesbury, in partnership with the Nova Scotia Community College, will be installing speed radar signs.

Jason MacMillan, the town’s project manager said during the Committee of the Whole meeting last Tuesday evening, a total of three radar signs will be installed.

“NSCC will be purchasing two radar signs, and the town has agreed to look after the installation of these signs.”

The signs will be placed near the entrance to the NSCC Strait Area Campus on Reeves Street.

Mayor Brenda Chisholm-Beaton said the radar signs are needed because there have been multiple accidents occur in the past few years with vehicles either entering or exiting the NSCC campus.

“We’re hoping these radar signs will make people more mindful of their speed as their coming into town,” she said. “Sometimes it’s easier to go faster than you’re realizing, and in that mindfulness hopefully we’ll reduce the incidents of number of accidents.”

Chisholm-Beaton said it really comes down to making the road and entranceway a safer place for citizens, NSCC students and facility.

In addition, the town has purchased a smaller, supplementary radar.

MacMillan said the town will consult with Nova Scotia Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal during the planning phase of the project.

“We’ll be dealing with TIR to review the installation locations [and] the type of equipment that they’re going to want to use.”

Chisholm-Beaton said she believes the radar signs will be on the approach to the campus on Reeves Street but she’s not 100 per cent sure where the locations will be as council will be consulting with TIR.

“It will remind drivers in advance of reaching the entrance to NSCC to be a little bit more cautious of their speed.”