MULGRAVE: Town officials believe the near misses will eventually become a significant problem at Exit 40 along Highway 104, if something isn’t done soon.

Safety concerns surrounding the intersection were back on the docket during Mulgrave’s regular council meeting on October 7.

Darlene Berthier-Sampson, the town’s CAO, told The Reporter several reported near misses at the intersection are concerning and with the Aulds Cove NSLC outlet now open, the town is concerned it will only get worse.

Council passed a motion to write a letter of concern to Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, Lloyd Hines, the transportation department’s district director of the Eastern region, Guysborough municipal councillor Neil DeCoff, and the owner of the Auld’s Cove Big Stop.

“The letter expressed concern with eastern bound traffic using a turning lane intended for western bound traffic turning at Exit 40 onto Route 344,” Berthier-Sampson said. “The letter urged officials to review the risk and take action.”

She indicated council is taking this concern very seriously as there has already been numerous close calls and near misses, which are often precursors for accidents.

“Council’s wishes are that a traffic study will take place soon without delay and that a solution will follow to make the intersection safer.”