Town expands beautification efforts

ANTIGONISH: The Town of Antigonish plans to expand ongoing beautification efforts throughout the town by concentrating on one of its busiest streets.

Following the town’s regular monthly council meeting on June 21, Mayor Laurie Boucher indicated this project is something the entire council is excited about, especially Deputy Mayor Andrew Murray, who is council’s representative on the beautification committee.

“The town has always put a lot of effort into the beautification of our community,” Boucher told The Reporter. “This year we took it one step further and we’re moving over to James Street.”

She explained council recognizes that the James Street business district is a very important and intricate piece to the town.

“Depending on what way you come in, it’s often also the gateway to the rest of the community,” Boucher said. “We think that it’s vital to put some resources into James Street.”

The mayor explained the James Street revitalization project will encompass a gateway garden that will identify Antigonish immediately, that will be located on the hill adjacent to the A&W Restaurant.

“Then there will be some (flower) baskets along the street,” Boucher said. “So that it will coordinate with our flower basket program in the downtown core.”

Work on the project has already begun, and the first thing the gardeners will work on will be the construction of the gateway garden, which will draw from one particular local inspiration.

“The garden will feature an emblem of the town logo recreated in plants,” Boucher said. “We’re looking forward to seeing that on the side of the hill. We’re certainly excited about it.”