ANTIGONISH: The Town of Antigonish is on course for the installation of a new set of traffic lights at a very busy intersection.

The intersection in question is at West Street and Highland Drive, and if all goes well, the infrastructure should be in place by the end of the month.

“It’s a real bottle-neck,” said Deputy Mayor William Cormier. “We have traffic coming out of Highland Drive, we got school buses, we got people walking across to the university.

“We want to make it a little easier for people there.”

The Deputy Mayor said the town did a study, and council feels the new lights will help with the traffic from St. Ninian Street coming onto West Street.

“By the time it’s done, it’ll probably be $200,000,” Cormier said. “We’re just waiting for them to finish up, but we’ve been told it will be done by the end of October. Hopefully, in the next two weeks, we’ll get it done.

“The lights will be good to see once they’re in there.”

Council approved the money on October 16, as part of its 2017-18 budget.