MULGRAVE: Tax rates in Mulgrave will not change in the coming fiscal year.

On May 22, members of Mulgrave Town Council passed the town’s budget and tax rates for 2018/2019.

The combined residential tax rate will hold steady at $1.80 per $100 of assessment while the combined commercial rate remains $4.93 per $100 of assessment.

“We have three rates: the fire rate, sewer rate, and the general rate,” said Jim Davis, CAO for the Town of Mulgrave. “The individual rates have changed. The commercial rate may have gone up or down a little bit, and the sewer rate might have gone up or down a little bit, but overall it remains the same.”

Davis said the tax rates in Mulgrave have remained unchanged for at least five years.

The town also approved its general capital budget of $198,500, and water capital budget of $25,000.

Davis said some capital projects will not be finalized until the town has determined the fate of the former Mulgrave Memorial Education Centre building. The school is scheduled to close at the end of the current academic year and the town will take ownership of the building on July 6. However, he said the town has determined a number of capital projects that will improve town trails and infrastructure.

Investments include a boardwalk extension budgeted at $10,000. The town also plans to make $58,000 worth of improvements to the Mulgrave portion of the Trans Canada Trail.

“We’re getting funding from other sources for that,” Davis said. “Our salt dome roof replacement is $8,000, sidewalks are $50,000 and a guard rail is $10,000. Those are the main items.”

Davis said the new budget had the support of council.

“Everyone was pretty well on board with the budget,” he added.