ANTIGONISH: The Town of Antigonish had some cleaning up to do thanks to recent flooding.

Early last week saw flooding affect several areas of the town, including parts of Braemore Avenue, the end of Court Street, St. Andrew’s Street, Whidden’s Trailer Park, and Creighton Lane, which includes the parking lot behind Main Street.

Antigonish Mayor Laurie Boucher said cleanup efforts were helped by the fact there were no cars in the parking lot when the cleaning started. She said last year’s flooding was much worse in part because of how quickly the water rose.

“The water rose a lot slower this time and we could adjust,” she said. “Last year it was very quick. Within 15-20 minutes, we had the back parking lot flooded. This year… we anticipated it so we put precautions in where nobody could park in the Creighton Lane Parking lot after 5 p.m. on [January 18].”

Boucher said there wasn’t a lot of damage done to property. When asked if there was anything the town could do to prevent flooding in the high risk areas, Boucher said the town’s engineering staff has been looking into the issue for years.

“The experts say, the more mitigation you try to put in place, it’s just going to divert the waters somewhere else,” she said. “We’ve done what we can and we deal with the situation.”