Town wants action from the province

PORT HAWKESBURY: Town council is demanding that the provincial government do something about the state of Sunset Manor.

During a special meeting of Port Hawkesbury Town Council on July 27 held via teleconference, town councillor Hughie MacDougall had strong words for those overseeing the condition of the facility.

Two weeks ago, town council and the Chief Administrative Officer met with the Cape Breton Island Housing Authority to discuss the state of Sunset Manor, then to show the officials around the complex.

“They had a lot of issues, we had a lot of issues that we brought up as a council collectively,” MacDougall recalled. “They pretty well guaranteed that a lot of the issues will be done.”

Councillor Blaine MacQuarrie said Chief Administrative Officer Terry Doyle will be sending a letter to the housing authority reiterating the town’s concerns, then requesting an update from them in a month’s time.

Because council already met with the housing authority two years ago, and some of the issues identified then still haven’t been addressed, MacDougall was skeptical of their promises this time around.

Also feeding his skepticism was the behaviour of some members of the housing authority at the recent meeting, the councillor said.

“I wasn’t too happy with what happened at the meeting with certain members of the housing commission,” he noted. “There’s a lot of stuff that we have to get done sooner rather than later.”

MacDougall noted that Sunset Manor was constructed in 1974 and the structure is starting to show its age. He demanded action immediately from the province.

“If we don’t see some action within the next couple or three weeks, that we call another meeting and send a letter to the minister explaining what happened at our meeting and the promises that were made,” MacDougall said.

Mayor Brenda Chisholm-Beaton added that the town told the housing authority that it would work collaboratively on a plan, using feedback from Sunset Manor residents, and council should start that work. She suggested adding this item to the agenda for September’s meeting.

“We need to keep a really close eye just to make sure the action pieces are happening,” the mayor added.