Nutritional consultant Trudie MacGregor Muggah is offering a new office and revamped in-home services at Trudie’s Holistic Nutrition in Port Hawkesbury.

By: Catherine Knott

PORT HAWKESBURY: With a new Port Hawkesbury office and revamped in-home services, Nutritional Consultant Trudie MacGregor Muggah, takes nourishment of mind and body to the next level.

“It’s all about balance. What’s good for the mind and good for the body can bring a real joy to life,” said MacGregor Muggah, a Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant (RHN) and owner of Trudie’s Holistic Nutrition.

She creates and fine-tunes a nutritional regime for her clients, designing specialized meal plans based on individual health and dietary needs.

From her new location at the Port Hawkesbury Health and Wellness Centre, MacGregor Muggah meets with clients to discuss every aspect of healthy living. Her consultations do more than map out a diet. The intent is to fashion a realistic and cost-efficient nutritional lifestyle.

“One of the first things I say to my clients is that they shouldn’t try and change everything overnight,” she noted. “It’s a process. What I do is give you the tools so you can take control and learn to make healthier choices.”

MacGregor Muggah says that handing a client a sheet of paper with a list of foods and recipes was just not enough. She realized it was time to branch out and look at different ways help her clients address their needs and stay on top of their nutritional plan. As part of her new service, she arranges to meet with clients, in their homes, to go over preparation of the foods in their plan.

MacGregor Muggah will even prepare several meals for her clients to freeze, to get them started.

For those who find the act of sifting through product labels in the grocery store overwhelming, Trudie’s Holistic Nutrition now offers to meet clients in the aisle to help navigate the often baffling lists of ingredients.

MacGregor Muggah says many people living with chronic illness, disease and allergies are not aware of how the most common, processed foods could be exacerbating their condition. With this service she hopes to demystify product content for her clients.

“Working with arthritis… people don’t realize it can be their food creating more inflammation in their body and worsening their pain,” MacGregor Muggah said.

In order to maintain quality of life, people need to run on the appropriate fuel, and everyone has different needs. MacGregor Muggah has personal experience in using holistic nutrition to overcome illness and shares her knowledge with her clients. She specializes in digestive issues, food sensitives, fatigue, weight issues, hormonal imbalances and much more. She says our food choices affect every aspect of our lives, from our mood to our mental clarity. It can also play a preemptive role against future illness.

Self-care is a broad field incorporating aspects of mental, physical and emotional awareness. This is one of the many reasons MacGregor Muggah is pleased to be working alongside a veritable Holistic super team at the Health and Wellness Centre – including Naturopathic and Chiropractic doctors, a Massage Therapist, and Reiki and Reflexology practitioners.

When in consultation, MacGregor Muggah feels it is important to address the many ways improved nutritional habits will affect the body. She says detoxification creates physiological changes and clients should know what to expect.

Nutritional coaching includes a psychological component of moderating high-quality meals and lesser caliber treats, explaining the balance of eating cleanly most of the time while allowing the freedom of an unrestricted night out. This affords the satisfaction of a healthy body while removing any feelings of guilt that make most trendy diets fail.

As MacGregor Muggah coordinates her work schedule around her client’s needs and offers a variety of services, she suggests contacting her on her Facebook page at Trudie’s Holistic Nutrition, or calling 1-902-302-3367 to reach her directly. Her services range from an in-office nutritional consultation, to food and lifestyle coaching, to in-home guidance and meal preparation.