Despite the lack of maintenance and improvements, the beach in Pondville is well used by residents and tourists.

I am writing this because of my concern for Isle Madame.

Why is this place so neglected? I go to Louisdale, St. Peter’s and many other places, and I see all the beauty there.

I had visitors this week and was so anxious to show Pondville beach. I cannot put in words to describe the condition of the beach. Needless to say, I was disappointed. There was so much seaweed, we could hardly walk. Does this beautiful beach have to be that way? Please think about it, whoever is supposed to deal with this.

The side of the highway is all grown in, it looks awful. Can something be done about it? I hope so.

If continues like this, there won’t be many tourists to visit us, which you know is a great revenue for us.

This is not meant to upset or hurt anyone. My intentions are good. Please, please do something to improve this from a concerned life-long citizen.

Alice Landry

Petit de Grat