Youth art contest gets assist from local businesses, residents

This is a Nina Tubman’s artwork which is being used to promote the youth art contest.

ORANGEDALE: A provincial youth art contest is getting off the ground thanks to local residents and businesses.

The Rural Communities Foundation of Nova Scotia (RCFofNS) recently announced an art contest specifically for young people which asks them the question: “What do you love about rural Nova Scotia?”

Eirinn Fraser – director of fund development, engagement and communications – recently joined the RCFofNS and said Premier Stephen McNeil offered to donate 200 certificates recognizing young people who made a difference during the pandemic.

“Going through the COVID process and people being isolated, that’s where it really spawned from,” Fraser explained. “There was no real specific reason why we chose youth, I guess they’re probably were the ones that probably were having a hard time not having school,” she noted. “That was the big thing was to give them something to be able to do. The main thing is to talk about rural Nova Scotia.”

Nova Scotia youth between the ages of 2-15 are encouraged to submit an original piece of artwork 8-feet by 12-feet in size using various mediums such as: crayons, charcoal, pencil, pencil crayons, ink, markers, pastels, water colours, acrylic, and oil paints.

A special downloadable colouring page by artist Holly Carr is available as an alternative and the first 200 young artists to contribute their art will receive certificates of appreciation from the Premier.

After making some phone calls and sending some e-mails, Fraser said organizers were able to line-up sponsors and roll-out the contest. The foundation said it is grateful to Strait area businesses for helping make the contest possible.

“Bob MacEachern at Maple Signs and Engraving, donated 200 stickers to go along with the premier’s documents,” Fraser noted. “In Inverness County, the Farmer’s Daughter Country Market is donating.

“[Peace By Chocolate] is going to do a basket.”

To promote the youth art contest, Beth Tubman of Inverness donated this piece.

Also helping out were Nina and Beth Tubman, ages 12 and 11 respectively, of Inverness who donated their artwork to help promote the contest.

“They were my very first phone call after we had the discussion of the Rural Communities Foundation,” Fraser recalled. “They’re lovely girls who live in my neighbourhood who are very big contributors to the community; love their farm, their very hard workers. I can hear them off in the distance, also very creative. They were the first people I thought of that could do something that would be able to demonstrate some original work that could be done.”

There are three age categories for the art contest: ages three to six have an opportunity to win a $25 cash prize; ages seven to 10 a $50 cash prize; and ages 11 to 15 a $75 cash prize.

Original artworks should be mailed to the RCFofNS Youth Art Contest, P.O. Box 1516, Truro, Nova Scotia, B2N 5V2. Entries must be postmarked no later than August 3. Entrants are asked to provide a name, age, e-mail, phone number, and return address, as well as to share submissions on social media and use the hashtag #rcfofns.

For more information, visit the RCFofNS Web site at: