Larry Keating

PORT HAWKESBURY: The NDP has a new face in a local riding.

Isle Madame native Larry Keating is set to be announced as the NDP candidate for Cape Breton-Richmond riding during an April 9 nomination meeting at the Louisdale Lions Den.

Keating, who resides in Port Royal, is an instructor at the Marine Institute in Port Hawkesbury at the Strait Campus of the Nova Scotia Community College. He holds Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education degrees from StFX.

Keating ran in district 2 during last October’s municipal election in Richmond County, coming within 35 votes of the winner.

Keating said he decided to run for the NDP about two months ago, stating the party is in line with his way of thinking.

“I agree with what the NDP stands for, much more so than the other parties,” he said, noting he is a lifelong NDP supporter.

“I’ve lived here my whole life and I understand the struggles of the people in this area.”

The married father of three said he is ready to listen the concerns of the people of the riding and get as many of them addressed as possible.

“I know there is a shortage of affordable housing for seniors,” said Keating, who sits of the board of the St. Anne Community and Nursing Care Centre. “Hospitals are short-staffed. We need doctors in the area. Unemployment is high.”

Other issues he mentioned included poverty among seniors and other residents, saying the area has to become more prosperous.

“I’m tired of hearing how politics and politicians aren’t helping our communities,” stated Keating. “Part of this reason may be because of the disconnect between the voters and the representatives. I’m from here, I live here and I’m staying here. Therefore, I’ll be seen in the community and I’ll be listening everywhere I go to anyone who wants to talk.”