Are ‘sunny days’ numbered?

Number of days into 2019 that SNC-Lavalin scandal broke, following story in The Globe and Mail: 38

Number of years prior to that date that SNC-Lavalin was charged with corruption and fraud over its business dealings in Libya: 4

Number of years prior to THAT date that SNC-Lavalin was charged with bribing Libyan officials in exchange for construction contracts: 5

Number of years prior to these charges being laid that Justin Trudeau served as Prime Minister: 0

Stephen Harper: 9

Number of days following Globe and Mail story that The Toronto Star reported that Harper’s replacement, Andrew Scheer, met with SNC-Lavalin CEO in May 2018 to discuss the company’s legal challenges and aim for a remediation agreement: 3

Percentage of Conservative Party of Canada members that would love it if the Canadian electorate would just forget that May 2018 meeting ever happened: 100

Number of days following Globe and Mail story that former Attorney-General Jody Wilson-Raybould was given leeway to address her concerns on her government’s handling of SNC-Lavalin case: 20

Number of years prior to Wilson-Raybould’s appearance at Commons Justice Committee that Conservative Deputy Leader Lisa Raitt accused her of “spewing lies” in House of Commons: 3

Number of months prior to this appearance that NDP MP Charlie Angus insisted that Trudeau “fire” Wilson-Raybould for her “bungling” of Justice Department files: 2

Number of times Angus and Raitt questioned whether Wilson-Raybould was telling the truth, during and after her Commons Justice Committee appearance: 0

Length, in days, between this Commons Justice Committee hearing and the resignation of Jane Philpott from her Treasury Board cabinet posting: 5

Number of days between the hearing and Philpott’s insistence, in an interview with MacLean’s Magazine, there was “much more to the story” and that the Prime Minister’s Office was attempting to “shut down the story”: 22

Number of days between the SNC-Lavalin issue’s emergence and the dismissal of Philpott and Wilson-Raybould from the Liberal caucus: 54

Average shelf life, in seconds, of an MP or cabinet minister in previous Conservative government that would have accused Harper’s PMO of politically-motivated pressure: 54

Average gap in poll percentage points between Conservatives and Liberals, according to CBC contributor Eric Grenier’s Poll Tracker: 5

Number of federal elections in which winner trailed by five points or more in pre-election polls, dating back to 1984: 5

Number of months prior to Trudeau Liberals’ majority government win in 2015 election that they trailed both the Conservatives and New Democrats in the polls: 5

Percentage of federal Conservative MPs and Ontario Conservative MPPs that posted social-media pictures of themselves filling up their gas tanks to protest arrival of carbon taxation in Ontario: 100

Percentage of Canadians still waiting for Scheer to unveil his replacement strategy for Trudeau carbon tax plan: 100

Likelihood, on a scale of 1 to 10, that they’ll still be waiting by the time they go to the polls in October: 10, plus HST, plus carbon tax

Number of premiers whose refusal to launch a provincial carbon tax plan led to the federal plan coming into effect in their provinces last week: 4

Number of provinces whose residents are suddenly paying higher gas prices because their premiers have ideological differences with the Prime Minister: 4

Number of premiers blaming the left-wing tree-hugging media for giving so much exposure to a new report showing that Canada’s global warming is happening at double the rate of the rest of the globe: 4

Average temperature increase since 1948 over Canadian land, in degrees Celsius, according to report commissioned by Environment and Climate Change Canada: 1.7

In northern Canada: 2.3

In the rest of the world: 0.8

Projected volume loss of glaciers in northwestern Canada by 2100: 74-to-96

Projected number of episodes for a CBC reboot of The Beachcombers, shot entirely underwater: 13

Gap in percentage points between PEI’s Green Party and governing Liberals in latest polls for April 23 provincial election: 4

Gap in percentage points between same two parties in and around Charlottetown: 13

Percentage of Alberta oil patch that would see a Green victory in any Canadian province as a sign of the upcoming apocalypse: 100

Average gap in percentage points between United Conservative Party and ruling NDP in Alberta’s pre-election polls: 10

Number of UCP candidates caught posting hateful or extremist views on social media: 30

Number of Albertans who, knowing this, would still elect a UCP majority government because they haven’t trusted a Trudeau since Justin’s dad was in power 35 years ago: about half

Percentage of readers who may have noticed that I haven’t included any numbers about Nova Scotia politics in this week’s column: 100

Percentage of readers who would likely agree that Nova Scotia politics deserves a column all on its own: 100

Stay tuned, folks…