Arichat’s historic Main Street

Pictured is the home which once belonged to Arthur LeBrun of Arichat.

Along Arichat’s “Low Road” in 1935, In roughly the center of the village located between the LeBrun store and the LeBlanc store, was the home of Charles P. Stone.

There was barely room for a driveway between Daniel and Katie Boudreau’s and the Stones’ next door. Charlie was married to Margaret Ann Boudreau, with whom he had the following children: Raymond, 1907-1987; John 1913-1986; Arthur (Hoover), 1915-1972; Anita, 1908; Francis (Coco), 1902-1973; Mary, 1905-1991; Alvina, 1910-1984; and Wilbert, 1912-1990. Margaret Ann died in 1937 at age 64. Charlie then married Josephine DeYoung and Charlie passed away in 1968 at the age of 92.

The ensuing occupants were son Raymond and Ida (Goyetche), and they raised their children there: Paul, Veronica, Margaret, and Gerald. This home now belongs to Jason Boudreau and Nicole Bourque.

Continuing east on the north side was the dwelling of Captain Frank Young of Mosquodobit. He was married to a Van Roost and they built this home. There were 10 children: George, 1917-1941; Percy, born in 1909; Margaret, born in 1913; Elizabeth, born in 1922; Elsie, born in 1925; Helen, born in 1918; Steven, born in 1919; Dorothy, 1915-1998; Frances (Fanny), born in 1910; and Lillian, 1915-1997.

The next family to live here was that of Harold Boudreau, his wife Pat (Venoit), and their children Merrill and Elaine.

Next door stood an empty building that in a previous life had been the Hong Lee Chinese Laundry. In time, the lot was developed by Harold LeBrun for his family home. Harold married Claire LeBlanc and they had the following offspring: John, Florence, Clairette, Nell, and Ann. The house is now occupied by Nell and her husband Vernon Boudreau. Their children are Michelle and Scott.

There was another vacant lot as we move eastward. Later Arthur LeBrun Jr. built a house here, which eventually was owned by Leonard Beasley, a Booth Fisheries’ employee. Ensuing owners were John LeBrun and Bernadine (Marchand) LeBrun, and later Captain Wayne Boudreau.

Then there was the distinguished two-story home of Arthur LeBrun Sr. In 1905, he was married to Helen Fitzgerald and there were six offspring: Gerald, 1906-1973; Helen, 1907-1998; Harold, 1910-1973; Zeta, 1912-1988; Arthur, born in 1916; and Betty, born in 1927. After Arthur’s death in 1950 and Helen’s in 1952, there were numerous renters there such as Dr. MacGillivray, Dr. MacDougall, and Bill Corbett, manager of the Royal Bank.

John LeBrun, son of Harold, took over the property until its demise in the 1980s. A retired Arichat native, Joseph E. DeCoste, acquired the lot and built a small home on it.

Just to the side of the Arthur LeBrun Sr. property was a three-story warehouse. At some point the building was dismantled leaving only the foundation over which a roof was built; this structure remains today.

In the 1970s, John LeBrun, his wife Bernadine, and their children Shelley, Harold and Colleen built a large, new home in the ensuing field. This home now belongs to the MacLean family.