Arichat Academy student registers

Pictured is the former Arichat Academy at the far left.

As early as 1824 a functioning school existed in Arichat. By 1834, the school faced insurmountable financial difficulties and as a result, the creditors, primarily John Tyrrell, a prominent Arichat merchant, foreclosed on the property, but, instead of closing it, Tyrrell hired two lay teachers. This continued until 1842 when the school was closed for want of a teacher.

In the summer of 1860, Les Freres des Ecoles Chretiennes began teaching the boys at Arichat Academy. In 1865 the provincial government passed an act which designated the Brothers’ school and the O.L.A. convent as high schools. This meant that all teachers were required to take examinations in English; the brothers refused to submit to this. They resigned and were replaced by lay teachers, one of whom was Remi Benoit.

The following Preparatory Level students’ names are taken from the registers of Arichat Academy beginning in 1924. In 1929, the teacher was Sr. Marie Colambane.


393. Gustave Benoit s.o. Joseph 138.5 days attended

394. George Young s.o. Frank 146.5 days attended

395. Elsie Malzard d.o. Charles 154.5 days attended

396. Anita Goyetche d.o. Alcide 163 days attended

397. Ethel Boucher d.o. Simon 172.5 days attended

398. Emma Petitpas d.o. Walter 122 days attended

399. Florence Monbourquette d.o. Simon 20 days attended

400. Elsie Edwards d.o. Edward 157 days attended

401. Catherine Goyetche d.o. Alphonse 184 days attended

402. Theophile Richard s.o. Pierre 174 days attended

403. Omer LeBlanc s.o. Godfrey 157 days attended

404. Everett Burton s.o. Bertie 174 days attended

405. Fred Goyetche s.o. Alcide 168 days attended

406. Arthur Madden s.o. William 176 days attended

407. Larry LeBlanc s.o. Mrs. Albany 180 days attended

408. Simon Boucher s.o. Albert 176 days attended

409. May Dort d.o. Joseph, Cole Harbour 76 days attended

410. Harold Maloney s.o. Wallace 32 days attended

411. Philip Latimer s.o. George 143.5 days attended

412. Amos Sampson s.o. No Entry 130 days attended

413. Leo Rancon s.o. Charles 28.5 days attended

414. Godfrey Boucher s.o. No Entry 115 days attended

415. Joseph Richard s.o. No Entry 103.5 days attended

416. Francis Petitpas s.o. No Entry 50.5 days attended

417. Francis Britten s.o. No Entry 58 days attended

From this point the students were designated as Intermediate and the teacher was Sr. Cecile Marie.

418. Rosie Madden d.o. William 171.5 days attended

419. Bernadette Boucher d.o. Albert 158 days attended

420. Cecile Richard d.o. Pierre 183.5 days attended

421. Mary Tyrrell d.o. John 194/195 days attended

422. Almire Goyetche d.o. Alphonse 185.5/195 days attended

423. Eva LeBlanc d.o. Albany 176.5/195 days attended

424. Lilian Petitpas ? Augusta Boucher 181.5/195 days attended

425. Emma Bona d.o. Joseph Bonin 47.5/195 days attended

426. Alice Petitpas d.o. Walter 191/195 days attended

427. Edith McGrath d.o. Michael 166/195 days attended

428. Emeline Maubourquette d.o. Simon 23/195 days attended

429. Edith Maloney d.o. Wallace 146.5/195 days attended 474

430. Bernadette Samson d.o. Norman 182.5/195 days attended

431. Viola Samson d.o. Norman 179.5/195 days attended

432. Cornelius Boucher s.o. Albert 181/195 days attended

433.William LeBlanc s.o. Albeny 187/195 days attended

434. Hilda Landry d.o. Raymond 184.5/195 days attended

435. Laura Donohue d.o. John 194/195 Days attended

436. Theresa Goyetche d.o. Alcide 174/195 Days attended