How do smart meters work?

A Nova Scotia Power employee is pictured installing a smart meter.

A smart meter was put on my house on 2014 and we have seen a constant increase in our bills.

Our house was mostly empty two-years-ago during the winter and the bill was about $300.

We called and ended up letting it go and assuming it was our heaters. However, that same house has been empty, completely unused for the last 4 months and we have paid $600.

There is no hot water, no heat, no fridge plugged in, no lights.

I called again. I was told there is no way the meter isn’t working properly because it is a mechanical device and that we must have used the power. They also refused to check or replace the meter.

I’d really like someone to explain how an empty house used more power than when a family of 4 lived there.

April Hubley

Watt Section, N.S.