Close to Home Community Clean-up celebrates Earth Day

Residents from the East Richmond communities of St. Peter’s, Samsonville, French Cove, and Cape George recently came together to celebrate Earth Day 2021.
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The 2021 Earth Day theme was “Restore Your Earth,” and residents came together to do two unique clean-up events in St. Peter’s and surrounding communities.
This year members of the 824 Silver Dart Royal Canadian Air Cadets decided to make up “Clean-Up Kits” and encourage people to do a “Close to Home” community clean-up. They made up 93 cleaning kits, which several residents picked up and used to clean their local areas and ditches. People used the kits in St. Peter’s, Samsonville, River Bourgeois, Grand Greve, Louisdale, French Cove, and Cape George.
Local groups took to social media to promote both clean-up events in the local area. Within a very short time frame, both events had numerous people sign up as volunteers to do their part.
Over the course of two weekends, several people cleaned along the roadways and ditches, collecting numerous bags of garbage, as well as regular recycling and refundable beverage containers.
Local businesses and some private citizens donated items for the clean-up kits including water, sunblock, heavy garbage and recycling bags, work gloves, snacks, masks, hand sanitizer, and some garbage pick-up sticks.
The coastal clean-up crew picked up at least 15 bags of garbage along the trail that runs from just beyond the Bonnie Brae Seniors Club to River Tillard.
In conjunction with Earth Day activities, some of the students from East Richmond Elementary School in St. Peter’s have submitted posters for an Earth Day poster contest, in which prizes will be awarded in three age groups, and then class prizes will be given out as well for any classes that submitted their posters as a group.
Both clean-up events were very well received and had participants of all ages working very hard to clean-up local ditches, roadways, as well as the beautiful St. Peter’s Coast Trail.
Some of the items that were collected included cigarette butts, beverage containers, food containers, weekly flyers, liquor cans and bottles, food wrappers, as well as some larger items such as pieces of broken siding, broken shingles, broken household items such as toasters, and some various loose metal items.
The Municipality of the County of Richmond was a major player for the Close to Home Community Clean-up as they supplied garbage bags, some work gloves and they arranged to have the garbage collected from the roadside.