Committee to unveil plans for senior’s housing


LAKE AINSLIE: The senior housing committee of the Lake Ainslie Development Association continues to work to build a senior housing facility at Lake Ainslie, near the community of Scotsville.

The committee has recently started working with a business development navigator with the Nova Scotia Co-operative Council, John Aylward, to move their plans forward. With the business planning support by Aylward, and a lovely piece of land offered by a local community member, the committee is hopeful the project will come to fruition.

Support and interest from the community will determine whether the project continues to move forward.

The committee will hold an open community meeting on Sunday, November 24 at 2 p.m. at the Lake Ainslie Volunteer Fire Hall in Scotsville to update the community about their work and seek support going forward. Interested citizens of all ages are welcome to attend to hear about the plans. Retirees and seniors from the area, as well as neighbouring communities who may be interested in renting a senior housing unit in the future are encouraged to attend.

A brief presentation/update will be shared, there will be time for Q&A, and tea and coffee will be served.