HALIFAX: The provincial government has announced the 2019-2020 recipients of the Community Facility Improvement Program.

In the Strait area, the Boylston Community Association will receive $26,000 for interior and exterior wall improvements.

The Framboise Community Centre Association was approved for $50,000 for kitchen upgrades.

The Glencoe Station Recreation Association will see $27,575 for efficiency improvements like the installation of heat pumps, doors and insulation.

The Glendale and Area Community Co-operative will get $13,239 for roof repairs.

For facility upgrades, including the installation of a heat pump, $15,000 was awarded the Havre Boucher and Area Cultural group.

To make facility upgrades, including siding and windows, the Lake Ainslie Weavers and Craft Guild was greenlit for $23,177.

To help pay for facility upgrades, including exterior walls, electrical work and changes to the kitchen, $40,000 will go to the L’Ardoise Community Centre.

Saint Joseph Parish Hall in Petit de Grat was approved for $35,000 for facility upgrades like siding and flooring.

The Suidaic Air An Urlar Cultural Society in Inverness County will get $6,960 for kitchen upgrades.

To help finance a new roof for the community hall, $28,710 was approved for St. Peter’s Parish Hall.

“Through our culture action plan, we are working to improve existing cultural and community facilities across Nova Scotia,” said Communities, Culture and Heritage Minister Leo Glavine. “We want to ensure communities have safe and comfortable spaces that foster community pride and build stronger connections.”

A total of $910,985 will be invested in projects across the province this year through the program.

The department approved 39 applications by registered not-for-profit organizations which operate primary for community, culture and diversity benefit.

Projects approved range from kitchen upgrades and roof repairs, to electrical improvements and septic system upgrades. 

The list of 2019-20 grant recipients can be found at: https://cch.novascotia.ca/investing-in-our-future/community-facilities-improvement-program.