Keith Mullins returning to St. Peter’s, releases new single as part of tour

Cape Breton singer/songwriter Keith Mullins will be playing at the MacBouch Restaurant and Lounge St. Peter’s on November 5.

SYDNEY: Cape Breton musician Keith Mullins will return to the Strait area after releasing a new single dedicated to first responders and health care workers.

As part of a cross-county tour, Mullins will perform at the MacBouch Restaurant & Lounge in St. Peter’s on November 5 before departing for PEI, New Brunswick, Ontario, and finally Alberta.

“I have a really tight-knit group of fans that come out to my shows in St. Peter’s,” the 41-year-old Mullins said. “I’ve been playing there years and I also have a lot of teenagers that I work with there, that I help out. It seems like St. Peter’s, in that area, there’s a real wave of solid musicians that are almost a little competitive with each other and all push each other, in healthy competition. They’re all really good, if you listen to Isabelle Samson, or Dylan Sampson, there’s a ton of them.”

The native of Howie Centre, Mullins spent a lot of time in Big Pond growing up, and has been playing music regularly for 25 years. He said he’s been performing in the St. Peter’s area since those early days, even recalling a gig opening for former Port Hawkesbury band Soup.

“I’ve been playing that area for a long time,” Mullins pointed out. “The Hawk has been really good to play a new tune that I had produced by Classified, ‘Free Fall on a Feeling.’”

Mullins and Dave Gunning co-wrote “Somebody Cares,” a heartfelt pop-folk tribute to first responders and healthcare workers for their tireless efforts. The song is based on a true story from a nurse in Cape Breton.

After speaking with a friend in the health care field, who later visited colleagues and get some of their accounts, Mullins realized he had a song on his hands.

“We were just talking about how hard it is to work in health care, the struggles the people in health care and first responders face,” Mullins noted. “And what a difficult job it is and sometimes thankless. Not very many people are the kind of people who can work in that kind of scene and it takes a special kind of person to work in that environment and I was like, ‘we need a song.’ So I started writing this tribute.”

Mullins then took the song to Dave Gunning, with whom he previously worked with as a drummer. After writing the song in about an hour, the duo spent hours laying down the track, before organizing the video shoot.

“Dave is such a real and grounded songwriter,” Mullins noted. “He sings about real things and he’s very connected in that way. He’s the kind of songwriter that really hits you in the feels.”

Recalling his “Uptown Funk” video, which has more than 150 million views on YouTube, Mullins said this single has a similar buzz.

“I kind of have that same feeling from it, where people are sharing it,” Mullins stated. “I don’t know if it’ll go as far as that, but it’s got that kind of feeling that people want to talk about it, people want to share it and people want to thank someone.”

The song is available FREE to download at: To watch the video, go to: