MULGRAVE: For the past five years, the marina in Mulgrave has been closed due to structural issues.

However, during the town’s regular monthly council meeting on Nov. 1, several community members expressed their interest in revitalizing the marina to get it back in operational form.

While it hasn’t been used to its fullest capabilities for the past little while, and it’s not fully known how much it will cost to bring it up to standards, the town’s senior staff still views it as being an extraordinary asset to the town.

As the idea was brought forward by a gallery member during question period, a subsequent discussion among councillors took place later, something everyone in the room agreeing that it is a true benefit to the town.

Mayor Ron Chisholm suggested while there has been some problems with the marina in the past, that kept it closed, it’s nice to see that there is community interest in establishing a revitalization project.

With the recent opening of The Front Porch Café and the continuing discussions being made surrounding establishing an RV campground, both Mulgrave’s residents and council feel more can be done.

While there was no official motion made, councillors unanimously agreed the timing was right to start re-developing that part of town.