Concerns over landline services heard by council

ANTIGONISH: Residents in Antigonish County claim they’re beginning to have worries over their landline services.

Municipal councillors passed a motion to send a letter to representatives with Bell Aliant to address telephone issues in the area of Heatherton during a special meeting Aug. 31.

Following the meeting, the municipality’s warden, Owen McCarron indicated the councillor for District 7, John Dunbar, has been notified on this concern from his residents.

“They’re concerned around phones – especially when the weather is damp, their phone lines seem to be going down,” McCarron said. “[Council] just feel, in this day and age, it’s critically important – it’s a safety issue.”

He suggested the problem has been occurring for the past 12-18 months.

McCarron said he’s optimistic Bell Aliant representatives will find a solution.

“We’ve had good relationships with Bell on a number of fronts,” he said. “We’re hopeful that they’ll take the concerns [seriously], and look into giving the residents in that area a little better phone line.”

McCarron explained they don’t require Bell Aliant representatives to address councillors – municipal officials simply want the circumstance settled.