Conservatives calling for MacKay to seek nomination in Central Nova

CENTRAL NOVA: There is a serious push to get Peter MacKay to return to federal politics in his home riding for the next federal election.

Members of the Central Nova Conservative Riding Association said they want their former Member of Parliament (MP) to represent them once again in Ottawa.

During a regular meeting of the association’s board of directors on September 12, MacKay phoned in and updated the members that he moved home to New Glasgow, but ultimately, it would be a decision he’d make with his family members.

“When asked if he would run in the next election, [MacKay] said that all cards are on the table but it would ultimately be a decision he would make with his family,” a release from the association said.

The riding association said if MacKay decides he wants the Conservative nomination in Central Nova, it would open the nomination quickly to allow him to “start campaigning as our official candidate as soon as possible.”

As an MP, MacKay was first elected in 1997 and won Central Nova six consecutive times. He didn’t re-offer in 2015, stating he wanted to spend more time with his family.

In the recent leadership election, MacKay, who finished second to Erin O’Toole, won 92 per cent of the vote in Central Nova, the highest margin of victory recorded in an individual riding in Canada.

The Central Nova Conservative Riding Association added that it fully supports a Peter MacKay candidacy in the next election and highly encourages him to seek the nomination.