Council extends deadline for clean up order

    ARICHAT: Council has decided to give a property owner more time to clean up their property.

    On March 9 during Richmond Municipal Council’s committee-of-the-whole meeting, Eastern District Planning Commission (EDPC) building inspector John Martin told council about a Clean up Order for a property on Black River Road in Grand Anse that was issued, then appealed to council.

    Martin told council the EDPC received a public complaint, inspected the property in January, then the order was given to remove vehicles from the property. After the inspection, the planning commission contacted the property owner, who told them he had a plan for the vehicles, Martin noted.

    After further discussions “fell through,” Martin said they received more complaints, and the EDPC unsuccessfully reached out to the property owner. Then on January 29, a preliminary Clean up Order and letter were issued to the property owner, which was later appealed to council.

    Martin explained the order was to take care of the vehicles closest to the road, but he said another order can address the remaining vehicles on that land.

    District 4 councillor Gilbert Boucher made a motion to grant the property owner an extension to June to comply. He said the property owner was in a job-related accident and is in poor health.

    The motion to extend the 14-day notice was approved by council. During a special emergency meeting on Monday afternoon in Arichat, councillors approved a motion from the committee-of-the-whole to give the property owner until June 15.