Council asks MLAs visit dangerous intersection

ANTIGONISH: County council is asking the province for help with another problematic intersection.

Councillor John Dunbar brought up some issues travellers are having with the intersection of New France Road and Highway 104. The concern is that it’s a dangerous left-hand turn and council is looking at the possibility of adding another turning lane or another set of traffic lights.

Council is sending letters to Antigonish MLA Randy Delorey and Guysborough-Eastern Shore-Tracadie MLA and transportation minister Lloyd Hines, asking to meet on location to show them the perils of the intersection.

“It’s a dangerous, dangerous intersection,” stated Deputy Warden Hughie Stewart. “There have been some close calls at that intersection and we get some reports on them. [Councillor Dunbar] has been watching it very close. We just think it’s treacherous and dangerous.”

Stewart said the county is hoping the MLAs will help find a solution.

“People are pulling over, and someone is passing, and someone is trying to turn in,” said Stewart. “We think a turning lane would be the answer.”